Artist: The Ziggurat

Midsummer Night

Midsummer night...the dogs are howling at the moon
The moon is bright and the night air reeks of doom
Curse this damn night...I know that it will show me
Through second sight, things I dont want to see

I slip into a dream, on this dreadful night
Somethings within the trees, my soul shivers with fright

On this dark night ancient rites are taking place
They're black as night, they have strange markings on their face

I see them in the dark
The dark priest of the night
I see them raise the knife
I witness the sacrifice...

And in the clearing they speak in unknown tongues
Dancing round the fire built for the ancient god

Curse this damn night, I've lost my soul to something else
I feel this pain, oh please God...take it away

On this dreadful night
Midsummer...midsummer night