Artist: The Zenith Passage

Deus Deceptor

Neuroscientific amelioration
Dawned an age of nefarious ascendance
Unto a Deus Deceptor
Shorn from inferior mammalian cognition

Resultant carnage perveys en masse essential organs
Harvested forth to entwine in synaptic mesh
A sum of parts molested by pestilential motive
Panoramic throbbing web of shattered viscera

Bleak metallic landscape encapsulating
Goliath infrastructure

Incalculable processes
Fabricate from null encompassing diffusion of illusion

Born from amassed recollection of sensory experience
Altogether indistinguishable from sensations of the flesh

Digitized reproduction
Supplants genuine biological conceptualized form

False consciousness
Fictitious existence
Our mechanical mother
The Deus Deceptor

Fabricate, Encapsulate, Terminate