Artist: The Young Knives


It's nice to be wanted,
It's good to be useful,
Get myself a discipline,
Get my head down and digging.

It's good to be wanted,
To be hunter or hunted,
Now I've got some meaning,
and I'm feeling real feelings.

Kitchener was a temptation (x4).

It's a noble tradition,
So tell me my mission,
Oh I'm an explosion,
Oh I am nuclear fission.
My mind is a weapon,
It's my final expression,
Let's put our warheads together,
'Cause I am dying to test them.

Kitchener was a temptation (x8).
Oh, a temptation, oh, a temptation, a temptation! Oh, a temptation! Oh, a temptation. A t-t-t-t-t-temptation, a temptation, a temption!

It's not just the money,
And it's not just the action,
He's keeping me busy,
Well, that's the fatal attraction.
The fatal attraction, the fatal attraction,
Is keeping me busy, well that's the fatal attraction.
Kitchener was a temptation, Kitchener was a temptation!