The Weather Station - The Most Dangerous Thing About You

Tonight I'm hoping to be awake
I followed your car down to the lake
We got a table at the old boulevard club
The waitress offered a smile to your joke in politeness
You did not know
You held her talking while I waited watching
You laid your credit card on the table
And told me about your bills
And the sale of hydro
The incompetence of your bosses and your lawyers
And the warming ocean

I woke up in your life
I was passing behind your eyes
Before I knew what was yours and what was mine
I listened, I took it all in stride
Your ideas and distorted pride
While learning by heart all your thoughts and your visions

The most dangerous thing about you is your pain
I know, for me, it is the same
It was restless - you felt it
But never could call it by name
It was yours for life to have and to hold
A companion that you had never known
A shadow you saw but never knew that you cast
And all of the sadness you can't explain
Poured from you like a summer rain
Hand in hand with your child in the morning