Artist: The Waking Life

Mercy on the Horror Film

When lightening strikes the town itll be the only source of light for days.
The ground will be uprooted, the town turned up side down, for goodness sakes no one stay behind!
And were not turning back;
were keeping our heads straight on for the aftermath.
So let us go, dont hold us back.
Straight from the movies where the blood runs thick in white and black.
And well just stay the same;
oh well just stay the same.
We wont be taken alive.
Come on, theyll keep on running while we look for a place to hide.
Where did they come from?
Its the dead brought back to life.
O god, just look at them, with such a graceful stride.
And we are just announcing whose left and whos gone stray. Just grab your beads in one hand, and scream this prayer with me.
And I dont think its going to help, but go ahead and try. Get on your knees, and pray for your life!
Theyre still coming; theyre coming to eat us alive.
Were all just running game.
The earth is red, the blood has dried.
X marks the spot where we collide.
The end is near, but dont you fear.
Its less then half complete, but were still sitting in our seats.
Just stop the movie, turn it off please.