Artist: The Waking Life

Meet me at the Alamo

Baby, we shoot to kill!
Just watch us now! Hold the trigger still!
And well blow into town like a couple of no nothings.
And well make a name for ourselves like no other.
Ive got your back and you've got mine.
So saddle up we've got no time.
So when were being hunted down like animals,
I wanted you to know that I've still got you.
Hey Padre, you better come here quick, and find the cure for the bullet hole in me!
Well live kings and queens with mansions on the beach. Thank you for witnessing the making of history.
Shoot to kill!
Now make Jesse James proud!
Shoot to kill, but dont get cocky!
Shoot to kill!
Now hold the trigger still now!
Thank God that this town was big enough for the both of us.