Artist: The Wage Of Sin


see how you treat yourself
I see how you hurt yourself
I see how you treat yourself
You deserve better than that

You think this is how you'll get what you want
You let them use you
You let them abuse you
They'll never know what you're about
They don't respect you
They'll just reject you

I don't know how you do it
Show some respect (for yourself)
It makes me sick
Show some respect (for yourself)

"Everyone does it" so why shouldn't you?
You think its right
I know its wrong

Don't lose hope
The pain that you feel alone is less than the pain
after you've been rejected.
It takes a stronger person to walk away from
temptation than it does to disrespect (respect) your

Respect yourself
Protect yourself
Save yourself
Save yourself

No one will ever respect you
No one will ever care
No one will ever love you
If you don't love yourself