Artist: The Unborn

Autumn Song

Twilight wind,
Running again.
Voices from the past
In my heart.

Autumn songs,
Images of your face.
Song of the moon,
Silence of the sun.

Twilight wind,
Running away.
Bring all the memories,
From the one who left me.

Autumn songs,
My name is in your voice.
Memories of the moon,
Sadness of the sun.

I raise my eyes, looking up the sky,
Searching for a light, a reflection of your voice.
But all my memories were killed by darkness.
And I’m dying slowly, because of your silence.
And I’m dying quietly, just for your silence.

I'm the voice, I'm the light,
I'm the song, coming from the past.
Twilight wind, blowing again.
Autumn songs, take me to him.

I'm the moon, I'm the sun,
I'm the song, inside your heart.
Twilight wind, blowing again.
Autumn songs, joining our love.