Artist: l i l a

psycho // over the moon

I am a storm, I saw a light
Came back, took me by surprise
Again tonight

Did you look at the sea bed?
Did it take you instead of the birds?

I'm psycho, over the Moon
I think too much, my feelings creep out
Just like that every night

I hate myself at least ten times a day
But it passes me by, it passes by
And it goes by
I think I swallowed the tide, the tide

You were once my friend, now I don't know
What we are anymore
It's life, it's fine I guess

Birds gone wild, I can't take
Nothing, nothing, nothing back
It hurts my head

I want what I should not
And what should not
Desires me, I think too much
It creeps me out

The more I see, the less I want
The less I want, the more I see
I'm stuck
Can't go home, not alone

So I let it go (psycho)
I let it flow