JS - Half

I started to burn your clothes
I started to scratch your car
I started to call my brothers
But i don't have to go that far.
Was about to get back at you
The way scandlous women do
All because you weren't true
And i don't have to take this from you.

Half, I can't take it no more
Half, time to face the door
Half, I'm tired of the silly games
Half, I'm about to make a change
Half, think you better leave your keys
Half, I was sleepin' with the enemy
Half, now your friends can't do nothin' for ya
Half, think your gonna need a lawyer

I started to call her up
And let her know who I am
But seein as i'm built so tough
See i don't gotta show that hand.
About to just lose my cool
I'm 'bout to just act a fool
You opened your closet door
Now i'll be seein your ass in court.


Quit callin' me baby
Tellin' me your sorry
'Cause that won't work now
I've fallen out of love now
So you get the car boy,
And i get the house boy,
You walk with the T.V,
And i get to go free.

Now wait a minute boy let me explain,
Sit back and talk about why things changed,
We were rollin like a freight train
But a little to young for love to maintain,
You were comin' up just like the skyscraper,
Grew up in da hook chasin that paper,
Gem to da bling, Dice to da scene
You done had it all from crop, to da cream,
Came to America like Jophe the King
Like Eddie you saw me and claimed your queen
Started ego trippin' while sittin on dem things
Now you gettin' played like a cash machine

Chorus repeat till fade

You got the best of me
Pullin phoney papers
I'm so glad that I,
I didn't sign them papers
To blind to see,
How you were treating me
Here is what I want
A check and I'm movin' on

half...half...half...half...half...[fades out]