JS - Don't Turn Away (Interlude)

[Woman:] Baby wait.
[Man:] Naw, it's cool.
[Woman:] Please don't take another step.
[Man:] I'll be out of here in a second. It's cool. It's alright.
[Woman:] You know you don't wanna leave.
[Man:] Of course I wanna leave.
[Woman:] I need you.
[Man:] You don't need me.
[Woman:] Look I know I said some things and you said some things. But don't walk away from me. I need you. I can't do this by myself. Baby, just look at me. Look into my eyes. Can't you see I need you?
[Man:] Tell me why you need me. Tell me why you need me. Why?
[Woman:] We can work this out baby. I'm willing to try. Are you? I love you.
[Man:] Come and show me.