Artist: As They Sleep

Bedlam at the Nile

Deep into the Valley of the Kings
On the west bank of the Nile
Lies the secrets of the souls beneath
A somber Egypt sky
Thieves robbed all the graves
And all that remains
Is all that we know
The struggle for power
The darkest of hours
A mummified pharaoh
No one could anticipate the bedlam at the Nile
Enter exile
As famine swept the land
The end of days
Have lent a dying hand
Unheard atrocities
Feeding on the weak
Why did you desecrate this sacred sanctity
The towns were ravaged
With swarms of scarabs
And sounds of distant groans
The blood of the Nile
Their souls exiled
Osiris save us all
O god of the afterlife
What do you seek
Hast thou not paid the price
The end of a dynasty
So pure and true
Whose secrets died in vein with the souls of the entombed
Fight the reign
These blows of fate
How long will this plague last
These secrets of the past
An eclipse of royal power
And poverty
Surrounds these final hours
An ancient kingdom lost
A monarchy
A conquered nation looks up to the new born king
Engulfed in desert
The sacred scarab
A pharaoh's treasure
Your curse awaits