Artist: As Night Falls

Beyond The Hatred

Why is
This hatred coming from us
The heart is growing sickness
The weaker minds will follow
This legacy of sorrow
The biggest strive is failing
Humanity is veiling
Disease that reach the deepest
Places in the soul

That can hold even smallest but still shining spark
Will go on with the beat of the heart
Can be found if you look for it deep down yourself
Let it be your own light in the dark

Is there a chance to overcome this
To find a new beginning
Forgive and be forgiven
To be no longer driven
By judgement, pointing finger
The right against the different
It's time to find a reason
It's time to make a choice

Life Is a story of greatest and so painfull falls
All we need is to rise to our feet
Find that compassion that makes every man what he is
And to let it redeem our sins